Aug 17, 2007

Heather Elliott of The Allen Agency Defends D'Angel

D’Angel’s manager Heather Elliot the Managing Director for Artist Development at the US based Allen Agency, sent a strongly worded letter, yesterday to journalists of a particular internet publication - who she called, "One sided," threatening legal action for the publishing of appalling news stories that portray her client, in a negative fashion.

Referring particularly to reports that she said were maliciously published, claiming, "D'Angel lifted her skirt and patted her genital area," during the Beenie Man furniture repossession fiasco, Elliot wants the public to know that the story is erroneous and that D’Angel did not act in such a manner( letter below).

Elliot has advised the publishing house concerned to retract the story or put themselves in the line of fire for a Defamation of Character Lawsuit against them.

In reality, Elliot said, D’Angel was contained at the rear entrance of the M.A.F.I.A house offices when the alleged commotion was taking place at Garelli House, New Kingston and was not mostly in the public eye as the misleading story in question reported.

Sent on behalf of Heather Elliott (Ms.)
Managing Director of A&R, Artiste Development

To: Whom It May Concern:

Tuesday August 14, 2007 I was appalled when I read an article sent to me via email with an attachment link to your website boasting the headlines "Beenie Man attempts to repossess M.A.F.I.A House furniture". I proceeded to read the article and I was most disturbed to say the least at the way in which the article portrayed Michelle "D'Angel" Downer. On behalf of the Executive Creative team at The Allen Agency (Management representatives of D'Angel), I wish to advise the reading public that the story is erroneous and that Ms Downer did not lift up her skirt as described in the article nor did she "pat" her genital area. We have advised the Editors and owners of that unless this letter is published on thier website, The Allen Agency is within right to consider a Deformation of Character Lawsuit against

Based on our investigations, it was further understood that Ms. Downer was contained at the rear entrance of the M.A.F.I.A house offices when the alledged commotion was taking place at Garelli House and not mostly in the public eye as the article lead on.

The Allen Agency believes in Ms Downer as an Artiste and stands by her one hundred and ten percent and urges the Jamaican public and her fans to not be gullible about news and articles that is written in a negative fashion meant to derail and deform Ms. Downer's character and ambition as a Artiste. Ms. Downer has been through a rather tough time lately and wants nothing more at this stage in her career than to do good by her fans and contiune to perfect her craft as an entertainer. She has worked assidiuosly these past few weeks to ensure that her statements pertaining to her marriage and husband are fair and that her music thrives despite the thunderous rumours and outrageous speculations. What Ms. Downer wants more than anything is for fans and the general public not be swayed easily by the exhuberance of the biased journalism being portrayed but to continue to support her as she continues her passion to entertain the public.

To conclude, we find it extremely disappointing that in the 21st century, there are still Journalists who focuses on one side of the story. As management representatives of Ms. Downer, our greatest desire is to focus on managing her career and taking her to the next level as we invite her fans and critics to come along for the ride.

Heather Elliott
The Allen Agency

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  2. We all know that D'Angel (what the hell kinda name is that anyway.. the real Angel shuda beat her rass and sue her fi every cent weh she "fuck fa")... anyway, she's a classless bitch... a common whore who only seeks to use men for money and fame... that's why Bounty "didn't support her in the business". I mean let's be real, it's not like she actually has any talent... her songs are annoying at best... she herself is a common hood rat who cannot be changed and it is reflected in everything she does.

    I just feel bad for Beenie... he should have know better, but once again he let a woman make a fool of him :( Let's hope he learnt his lesson this time.

    As for this Heather Elliot, a woman of her calibre (yeah right) should at least know how to construct a proper letter without so many grammatical and spelling errors. If you're going to threaten legal action in defence of common trash (i.e. D'Angel), at least try to learn proper spelling and use of the English language.

    In closing (I hope the bitch, i.e. D'Angel is reading this): RETRIBUTION IS A BITCH (sounds familiar?) so best believe that your day will come Michelle Downer!