Aug 11, 2007

Jah Cure denies being Romatically Involved with Sasha

Jah Cure is denying rumours that he and fellow artist Sasha were ever involved in a romantic relationship. He is claiming that they were nothing but friends.

In a recent interview Jah Cure, said that he and Sasha were never involved in a relationship that went beyond friendship. He said, "She was just a good friend. I don't know what she said. Sasha is just my friend. She come to see me nuff time (while in prison); look for me as a friend, we get connected through the music. We recorded a song together, our particular producer bring us together 'cause of that song and she became a friend who came to see me."

Meantime, Sasha had admitted in an article published in 2004, entitled 'Sasha's Cure', that she was involved in a 'spiritual relationship' with an undisclosed entertainer. Later, she publicly admitted on a popular television programme that the then incarcerated Jah Cure was her 'mystery man'. Despite that, she is now completely unwilling to discuss her relationship with Jah Cure.

When asked whether she and Jah Cure were still friends and if she would consider doing a collaboration with him now that he is free, she claimed, "I already had a collaboration with him, but right now it's about me and my lyrics and my song and me taking the market by storm. I have too much combinations out there right now. I'm re-launching my career right now."

Jah Cure says that although Sasha used to visit him quite often while he was incarcerated, to him it was just and strictly remains a friendship. He elaborated, "we're just good friends like any other. Sometimes, a female has a man friend who's too close people will seh that him is her boyfriend, she's just a friend and I have a lot of female friends. I haven't seen her in a couple years, like two or three years since ...," said the singer.

Jah Cure claims that the public may have misinterpreted their relationship. "Just because she's a female and popular up in di ting, so it's easy for people to seh dis, but if she was just an ordinary girl, without the fame that she has, it wouldn't be like that," he said.

While he was serving time in jail, Sasha and another artiste, Turbulence, were reported to have become romantically involved. Last year they had a public break up that was splashed all over the media.

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