Sep 15, 2007

50 Cent Catching Up On Kanye West

50 Cent has started the weekend on a high note after closing the gap on the rap race to number one between him and Kanye West. West raced ahead when his album Graduation was released with 50's Curtis on Tuesday, selling almost twice as many copies in the first 24 hours.

But 50 is still in the race as the rap rivalry moves into the weekend - he has closed the sales gap to an estimated 180,000. In figures released on Friday, 50's album has sold 603,000 copies, while West is hurtling towards number one with 781,000 units sold.

50 Cent had claimed he would retire from making solo albums if West won the sales battle.

Meanwhile, West admits he's glad his bold move to release his album on the same day as the rap heavyweight paid off - because it could have ended his career.

He explains, "People were surprised that I even stepped (up) to the plate to compete with 50 because he's such a menacing force in the game. He's actually ended people's careers before. I was already, like, preparing my family. I'm, like, telling my girl, `Baby, just brace yourself.'"


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