Sep 5, 2007

Dancehall Diva Keiva getting Married

Word had been circulating like wildfire on the streets of Jamaica that dancehall diva Keiva and her lover Leon are busy making wedding arrangement plans. heard about this rumor almost two weeks ago but decided to do our own investigation after receiving several emails from concerned fans.

Getting in touch with the diva via telephone proved to be a tedious tasked, however our determination propelled us to her recently opened store in Princeville Plaza on Constant Spring Road. Upon arrival we saw her accompanied by her prince, who plays several vital roles in her life including her accountant and road manager
When queried about her marriage arrangements the diva, who had appeared in several of dancehall’s biggest video was just as surprised as us when we first heard the rumor. Her response was a restrained: “This is news to me.” She soon burst out into a loud laughter holding firmly onto her lover.

“I have been hearing about this rumor myself and even if we did have plans to get married this would be something for us to look into and make sure we are both ready to say I do because marriage is not a game,” she pointed out to


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