Sep 30, 2007

Macka Diamond "all woman, all artist"

Hate her or love her, but Macka Diamond is HOTTTT!!!!.....Recently scoring her third number one song with the very hot 'Hula Hoop', and quickly following up with Dandy Shandy, both of which came after the monsters like, 'Done Already' and what some have labeled the women's anthem, the ever popular 'Bun Him,’ done in combination with Black-er.

Yea, Macka is without doubt, HOTTT!!!, but it does not stop there, because after all that, Macka is at it again, this time creating HISTORY, or is it, HER-STORY, by becoming the FIRST Jamaican entertainer (male or female) to ever write and release a full length novel, which for the record, already has everybody talking.

Yes, BUN HIM!!!! The novel is in stores, and has already surpassed the expectations of many, a sentiment that Leesah Larmond of Pageturner Publishing House was quick to point out. “From day one we were confident that Macka’s book would generate interest, but to be honest with you, we underestimated the impact we thought she would have.”

The reviews have been great, and the entire aura around the project has been nothing short of successful. Those who were at the launch or have been out to the signings know what I am talking about, but for those who don’t, would you be so kind as to turn your attention to exhibit ‘A’, because this is why she is HOTTT!!!

The island wide book tour for BUN HIM!!! Takes a break until Macka returns from performances in LA and Connecticut later this week, but picks up back as soon as she gets home, with stops scheduled for Ocho, St. Thomas, Portland and Montego Bay. For more info on the exact locations for signings, contact 1 876 342 3918, or log on to


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