Sep 25, 2007

Movado Robbed in Toronto

News report coming out of Canada revealed that Movado "Gangsta for life" was robbed while in Toronto over the weekend for another concert. Reports are he was robbed while checking into his hotel.

Mavado lost in the robbery very important documents including his passport. Other items included money, laptop and other travel documents. Ads were running on urban radio station Flow 93.5 FM with rewards for this lost items starting at C$2500 and which eventually worked it's way up to C$5000.

Mavado was forced to cancel concerts in both Atlanta and Trinidad (read MOVADA NO SHOW to see what happen in Trinidad). But I have to ask is Movado only a Gangsta in Jamaica, where were the shottas?

When the website One876Entertainment contacted his manager Julian Jones-Griffith he was quick to say this mishap wasn’t news. “Mi busy now but that isn’t news, him lose him passport, is not like them rob him or anything.” He said while declining to give details on the matter.

So who is telling the truth, what the real story, is this a publicity stunt ? First is was Cecile saying she was pregnant, who will be next?

SOURCE:ttgappers, one876entertainemnt

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