Oct 27, 2007

Beenie Man Evades Arrest and Heads to Dominica

Reggae artist Beenie Man did not turn up at the Norman Manley international Airport today as expected. Instead the artist traveled to the English-speaking Caribbean island of Dominica for a festival. according to one876entertainment Beenie Man will not return to Jamaica until until the weekend.

“Beenie Man’s road manager Kevin said that he left from New York to go to Dominica because it wouldn’t make sense for him to come here because he would have to jump back on a plane to head to Dominica, so he went straight there to help promote the festival. This action begs the question does Beenie Man respect the laws of Jamaica?

It was also revealed that Beenie’s lawyers have been able to broker some sort of agreement with the cops for him to go in with his lawyer”. But what if Beenie Man was just a common Jamaican, would the police offer that privilege?.

Earlier this week Jamaican judge, Owen Parkins issued a warrant for Beenie Man arrest for failure to appear in court. Beenie man was to appear in court to answer charges of tax evasion and to explain to the court how he planned to settle his decade-old debt of US$415,000 and a further US$246,000 in penalties owed in outstanding taxes.


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