Oct 22, 2007

Dancehall Artist QQ Placed in Protective Custody

The letter suggested that QQ had been verbally abused

Dancehall artist Kareem 'QQ' Dawkins, will be in the custody of a neutral party while his parents follow a court order to attend professional counselling.

A Family Court judge on October 18th, awarded his parents joint custody of the child star, but said they will have to attend counselling. When the counselling is complete, the parents will return to court for the judge to make an assessment and determine which parent 13-year-old QQ should live with. At the court sitting, it was also determined that his father, GQ will continue to manage QQ's career.

On Tuesday QQ was placed in the care and protection of the State (Jamaica Government) following complaints that he was facing emotional abuse and threats from a close relative.

This was done on the directives of a Family Court Judge who instructed a probation officer to take the child away from his home and place him in a private home.

The parents of the reggae artiste, who is known for such songs as Stookie and Rum Ram, have been before the Family Court for some time waiting for the final verdict as they have each being seeking custody of their son.

It is said that the judge was in the middle of reading her verdict on Tuesday, granting custody to QQ's father when the child's mother presented a letter that was said to have been written by QQ. The letter suggested that QQ had been verbally abused and so the judge withheld the verdict and requested to meet with QQ first.

SOURCE [Islandevents]

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