Oct 17, 2007

Lauryn Hill-Marley That The Name Of The New Marley Clan Member

The reason why Lauryn Hill was unable to commit to the Fugees reunion album is now known. Hill has been hard at work, in the bedroom as opposed to the recording studio.

The singer is expecting her fifth child with Bob Marley’s son Rohan despite the fact they are no longer an item. While 32-year-old Lauryn's MySpace page lists her as 'Lauryn Hill-Marley', and states she is "married to the man who completes my whole life, Rohan Marley", Rohan's makes no reference to the singer, and lists his status as single.

It’s reported that Marley now lives in Ethiopia while Hill remains in America.

The couple already have four children together –10-year-old Zion, nine-year-old Selah, Joshua six, and five-year-old John - while Rohan has two unacknowledged children from a previous marriage.


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