Oct 19, 2007

Mavado Appears on BET's Rap City Armed with New Little X Video

"The reason we chose Dying is because of the feedback we got from radio. "

Dying, by Mavado featuring Serani, is to be given the international treatment by music video director Little X. The video will be re-shot and distributed to crossover music outlets in the US. The video is to be shot on location here in Jamaica on October 30. Mavado is also slated for an appearance on BET's Rap City show.

"The reason we chose Dying is because of the feedback we got from radio. We sent out the album to all the mix tape DJs and they all came back with this as the most likely track on the album to blow up. It is also the most digitally-downloaded track from the album," said VP Product Manager Chris Goins.

Little X has been noted for his high-budget, visually distinctive videos for popular music singles, including Sean Paul's Gimme The Light, Usher's U Got It Bad and U Don't Have To Call. So who will pick up this bill?

"VP doesn't have the budgets that are available to major labels, but X was hyped to work on the project when I contacted him," said Julian Jones-Griffith, Mavado's manager. "He and Mavado had met previously, so when we reached out he was determined to make it happen."

"The video will definitely help bring us more promotion to the record," Goins added. "The album is still going strong and Mavado's popularity in the core has not eased up at all, so we are concentrating the push on the crossover market."


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