Oct 31, 2007

Reggae Artist Luciano Apart of Zimbabwe Propaganda Drive

Reggae Artist Luciano arrived in Harare,Zimbabwe on Tuesday as a guest of the Zimbabwe government and immediately courted controversy by hailing President Robert Mugabe.
Luciano was flown in by the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA), a government agency dedicated to recovering the country’s dwindling tourist arrivals.“The taking of the land was a good move by the President because he was taking land which belongs to the people. It is only right that land should be given back because it was taken violently,” the internationally-renowned reggae star said.

Luciano warned that the Western imperial agenda was still not defeated. He told reporters: “History has a way of repeating itself; we must not let it happen again.”

Luciano’s arrival is part of a propaganda drive to project Zimbabwe in a positive light in the midst of international isolation. Luciano is one of several international stars lined-up by the ZTA to perform in Zimbabwe, including Beyonce.

Luciano is expected to perform once in Harare at a venue yet to be announced. His band was expected in Zimbabwe on Thursday, a press conference was told.

Over the weekend, ZTA boss Karikoga Kaseke told a privately-owned Sunday paper that Beyonce would also visit the country.

SOURCE: newzimbabwe.com

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