Oct 24, 2007

Warrant Issue Dancehall Artist Beenie Man Arrest, Is He really Broke?

Jamaican judge, Owen Parkins yesterday issue a warrant for Dancehall artist beenie Man arrest for failure to appear in court on Monday. Beenie man was to appear in court to answer charges of tax evasion and to explain to the court how he planned to settle his decade-old debt at his missed hearing.

"I am surprised that he has not appeared before me," Judge Owen Parkins said before issuing the warrant. "This case is well publicized and he should have been in court. No one is above the law." According to the government, the dancehall artist owes the Jamaican revenue department US$415,000 and a further US$246,000 in penalties.

Where was Beenie Man, and Is he really broke?

One876Entertainment.com (Pro Beenie Man Website)was informed by a member of Beenie Man's PR team that he missed his flight back to Jamaica which would have gotten him to Jamaica in time for the hearing. It was also revealed that he he wasn’t aware of the warrant. “Beenie Man has been in New York from yesterday (Monday) shooting a video with Barbee but the matter will be dealt with as soon as possible.”

SOURCE: [one876entertainment]

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