Jan 20, 2008

Junior Reid and Eve Dating????

...Junior Reaid and Eve Together????...

Rumors are swirling in Jamaica and abroad that reggae superstar Junior "One Blood" Reid and hip hop artist Eve are romantically involved. Junior Reid would like to rubbish that rumor immediately stating that, "It's strictly professional. Eve was down here for the Christmas and we were rolling together as friends."

The rumors began during the Christmas season after Junior Reid brought Eve on stage during his Sting 2008 performance. After that time the duo were spotted frequently at weekly dances such as Dutty Fridaze. According to reports in the Jamaica Star, Junior Reid claims that Eve had a wonderful time in the island enjoying the local culture.

"She loved Jamaica...to see a big hip hop artiste come down here to spend di entire Christmas is good. She really loved it," he said. The original One Blood is hard at work on his new album entitled "Junior One Blood Reid the Living Legend". "I'm in the process of making my album Junior One Blood Reid the Living Legend which has 15 tracks on it. There are songs with Snoop Dogg, Lil Weasley, Rik Rok and more," Reid explained.

Father Reid has claimed that he has over 50 collaborations completed with the likes of Snoop, Alicia Keys and more. He is however relishing his life back in Jamaica after being on the international circuit for the first time in many years after he was banned from entering the United States while still with Black Uhuru. Junior Reid has had smash hits in 2007 with tracks done with The Game properly titled "One Blood", and the follow up remix with Alicia Keys on "No One", which he performed with her at the recent American Music Awards.

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