Feb 29, 2008

Radio DJ hits out on Mavado

Kwesi "Hypa Hoppa" Hopkinson of Radioactive and RED 96.7 fame, has called on his peers in the entertainment industry to take a stand against violent music. Artists mentioned in his call include popular dancehall artists Movado and Busy Signal as well as hip hop mogul 50 Cent.

Hopkinson in an interview with the Trinidad Express stated, "There is no doubt that the music is influencing the youths towards violence. Particularly an artiste like Movado who says he's a gangsta for life and has the youths emulating that lifestyle." Other individuals do not necessarily hold Hypa Hoppa's views on the matter while some are in total agreement.

Hopkinson indicated that he has nothing personal against Movado or his music, he is concerned that the youths in Trinidad and Tobago are be adversely affected by the lyrical content along with the image that certain artists in the music industry are promoting. One person dstated that he was absolutely disgusted to know that at 7am while in a maxi(shuttle taxi), that young students were bombarded with lyrics talking about shooting and murder. In his opinion it does not set the right example for the future of the nation.

Other people and even some Dancehall artistes such as express by Vybz Kartel during his recent interview on TVJ's Impact seem to think that the responsibility lies at home squarely on the parents shoulders. As he was younger he also listened to very violent lyrics and music, however due to his parenting, he knew that was where the violence stops, with the end of the song.

Hypa Hoppa also said, "We need to understand what Movado is doing to the youths when he says he's a gangsta for life. We have to take a stand against the music that's inflaming these young minds, because they are not strong enough to withstand these messages."

He continued to say that in his Afternoon Drive programme that no violent music will be played and is also urging other radio personalities to follow suit and set an example. Hopkinson is not calling for a ban against the music, but an exercise of caution when playing music on the national airwaves. Will Jamaican Radio DJs take such a stance? Do you think violence music contribute to violent crimes?


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