Mar 26, 2008

Dancehall Producer Don Corleon Featured on CW Series Girlicious

Platinum producer extraordinaire Don Corleon is back in the limelight, as the featured guest musician in the hit American television series, Girlicious.

Donovan Bennett, known to the masses as Don Corleon, has been putting his indelible signature on the top sounds emanating from Jamaica to the world, and is best known for crafting chart-topping tunes for dancehall icons Sean Paul and Elephant Man, but that's just the beginning of his realm. He's produced Billboard hits for pop princess Rihanna, and talented R&B mainstay Keyshia Cole, who regularly treks to Kingston, Jamaica to work with Don in his Vendetta Studios.

In fact, Don reveals the track featured on Girlicious was first composed for Cole. "I made it for Keyshia's last album but it didn't make it, but Ron Fair at Geffen Records loved the track and wanted to save it for something good. So I got the call and went to L.A. (Los Angeles) last year and we did the show.

The featured song on tonight's episode of Girlicious is titled "Leave You Alone," with music by Don Corleon and lyrics by Pressure, who just saw the release of his second album, Love & Affection, on the Don Corleon Records label.

The Corleon track was used as the centerpiece in a vocal expression challenge for the girls, who are competing to become the next Pussycat Dolls, a female burlesque singing act that eventually landed a record deal, which made them and their lead singer Nicole Scherzinger household names.

Click here to view the clip as Nicole joins Don Corleon in the Geffen Records studio to teach the girls, and the millions who tune in tonight, how music is properly done. Also, click here to listen to the latest productions from Don Corleon, before you see it on TV!


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