Mar 8, 2008

Feds Lock Down Reggae/Dance label John Shop Records

Eight Bronx men connected to John Shop Records, a studio and reggae record label launched with drug money, were convicted by a federal jury on Monday (March 3) after being accused of selling as much as $1 million worth of weed every week.

The gang, known as the John Shop Crew, reportedly flew 2,000 pounds of pot a week from California to New York where they sold the weed to lower-level drug dealers, during the years of 1997 to 2004.

Anthony Patterson, 37, was the crew’s leader is alleged to have supervised the transports and sent money back to buy more drugs.Patterson and four others were convicted on drug and gun charges. They’re all looking at a maximum of life in prison.Three others pleaded guilty and face 25 years in jail.

It is reported that the gang used the money from their marijuana sales to fund John Shop Records, a reggae record label that featured artists such as Sizzla and Wyclef John.

The story of John Shop Records according to it's myspace page indicated that the company started in a basement, with a few guys playing around on a keyboard and a drum machine. Till one day another producer by the name of Ricky came in and did a full sweep of setting up the shop. By this time a lot of hype or buzz was going around the Bronx of this music base.

Attracting some of Reggae's best -Tony Kelly and John Forte to name a few recorded and produced music with them too. It was a vibe everybody felt once you were around it. It drew you in like a magnet it was just hot! This place was set up to hopefully record any artist best hit. It was in 2002 two brothers made it official. Working with talents such as Yami Bolo, Sizzla, Bounty Killer, Buju Banton, Future Troubles, Major Damage, Zumjay and the list goes on and the rest is history.

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