Mar 7, 2008

I-Octane say no beef after a sucess Canadian Tour

The streets are buzzing about a possible beef between young-guns Teflon of the Yard A Love label and former stable mate I-Octane of Arrows Recording. Telflon has recorded a hard-hitting single on Stephen McGregors Daybreak Riddim that attacks powerful forces in the music business who are conspiring against his career. A few lines from the single go:

Hear dem a labba and ah chat Well, I just low dem with dem mock brain Mi hear some deejay link up and ah plan up And ah say who Teflon? And dem stop play me But memba say ah mi say Guns rise and not Octane Weh dem a go wid dem crack brain

Teflon, however, has played down any suggestion of conflict between he and Octane. "Is not any beef thing, is just a clarification of certain things," Teflon said. "I was at Arrows and some things go down, and mi lef, me and Octane nuh really have no beef still." He did not elaborate on the reasons he had left Arrows Recording Co. Ltd.

Mrs. Rose Linton, one of the bigwigs at Arrows Recording, offered a terse 'no comment' on the reported beef between her artiste, I-Octane and his former stable mate. Teflon had been a regular at the East Kingston studio for a couple of years because he liked the energy but he had never actually signed to the label.

Teflon recently returned to Jamaica after performing in Toronto, Canada alongside Turbulance and I Wayne. His bookings are handled by Margaret of Scotch Bonnet Productions and Janet of Yard a Love Productions.

The deejay is seeking to release his album, 'Motherless Child' soon. In the meantime, his single Bobo Run Out Pon Dem is getting crazy love from FM radio."Right now, me ah set the ting, Teflon is the i-ver burning fire and I will continue to represent the downtrodden and oppressed youths across the globe

Other sources believe that the friction between the two is based on a conflict of their personalities, and they have not performed their big hit, 'Guns Rise' together for over a year.



  1. teflon ion life we all make wrong choices especially choosing your friends in times of success!!! You have a big personality keep being positive !!!!

  2. Teflon we all know what I-cocktane did and yuh a STAR!!! TEFLON WE LOVE YOU PLEASE COME BACK TO NEW YORK!!!!