Apr 2, 2008

Shaggy writes UEFA EURO 2008™ Theme Song

The multi- award Artiste Shaggy and Director Jay-Will is working on their fifth and most notable music video to date. The pair that brought us “Broadway”, “Church Heathen”, “Church Heathen Remix”, and “Bonafide Girl” have done it again.

The latest project is by far the most humbling task ever. One the most prestigious soccer tournaments in Europe, the UEFA CUP, contacted Shaggy to work on their theme song. The video is being shot for his second UEFA Cup single, “Feel the Rush”. The song successfully mirrors the energy and excitement of the games.

"We want UEFA EURO 2008™ to be a big party where fans can enjoy and celebrate the spectacle. Music is a key ingredient to that and we wanted to consider that different types of music applied to different people. We want to have something that people like and something that complements the event as part of that big party, that big celebration" Philippe Margraff , UEFA Commercial Director said.

The video features Shaggy traveling across the European countryside and later being transported to a huge soccer stadium on a hay-filled tractor. Parts of the video were shot in Austria, Europe where the UEFA games are being held this year. The other scenes were later shot in Jamaica towards the end of March.

SOURCE: 876radio

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