Sep 17, 2008

Flippa Mafia tells Promoters of NJ Carifest him nuh bruk

"Dem waan pay me US$3,000, but mi no bruk. Mi better than most of the artistes on the show, and dem violate mi big time," an irate Flippa Mafia told a reporter.

"Mi know say mi can pull at least 300 people inna the venue, the people dem waan see Flippa Mafia right now, ah me say Dem Ya and Dem Ya, and mi doan hungry so mi fans have to wait till a show in Bronx this November fi see me."

Flippa Mafia has a pair of songs on the local music charts, Dem Yah and Dem Yah which has peaked at #3 on the Jamaica Music Countdown and is in the top ten of the Stampede Street Vibes chart. Flippa also stars in the film, What Goes Around which will hit theatres soon.



  1. but afta him a nuh star yet fi seh him a refuse offer, too boasty!! n nuh have nuttin fi boast bout any tru musician woula tek d offer bec is a arite amount dat fi seh him nuh reach nuh weh yet a jus 1 song call it seh him have bec a jus 1 me kno, me like him mi woulda feel priviledged

  2. pussyhole to hype!!!!!!!!!

  3. wooooeee. . . .. HIM WELL HYPE YESS. . BUT THAT"Z Y DEM LUV HIM> >> > WELLL EXTRA! . . lol

  4. continue brag and boast yah mi artist a so di girl dem luv it....hyyyyyyyyyyyype.and a who him wah gi that him go suck him mama him wudnt think fi gi a oversea artist that