Sep 11, 2008

Mavado Heads to Panama to make Presentation

One of the idols of the late "Danger Man", the Jamaican Mavado, known throughout the world as the "Ganster for life" will be presented in Panama. In recent years, the Jamaican singer stood by its financial support for humanitarian causes, especially pro-poor and helpless, even in countries like the United States.

The presentation will take place next November 15, in Figaleia Convention Center. The show has been organized into a center adjacent to the entrance of the Panama Canal, the Pacific coastline.

The interpreter of topics such as "Im So Special", "Dynig", "I Was Dreaming", "I on the Rock", "Last Night" will bring a spectacle complete with its new production and their greatest hits.

Already there is talk of possible artists of the courtyard which will be representing Panama expected in this concert, such as: Match and Daddy, as sharks, El Roockie, La Secta, among others.

Tickets are not yet on sale, but said only that there will be two sections: VIP and General, also will be with chairs, so that everyone can appreciate the singer's dance hall.



  1. espero que no se forme balaceras

  2. anywaaaay gangsta for lifeeee!
    el chyno prra