Sep 14, 2008

Vybz Kartel Free At Last

For years Jamaicans have believed in the phrase “if it nuh guh so, it near guh so”, but that believe took a positive twist earlier today. A wild rumour raced around Kingston yesterday that Vybz Kartel's mother and sister were shot and killed by men from West Kingston. However it is not true. The deejay denied the rumour.

The deejay who said that it was a rumour. "My own mother called me and told me that she just heard a rumour that she was shot and killed, nutten nuh go so doggist," Vybz Kartel told popular website

Vybz Kartel a.k.a Addi the Teacha and eight other persons who were detained on Wednesday night at a Havendale studio were released by the police without being charged on Saturday. Kartel himself was released after 5 p.m. while the others were released earlier in the day. According to reports, the deejay was picked up on Wednesday evening (September 10, 2008) at his studio on Kirk Avenue, Havendale for questioning concerning the death of a well-known West kingston thug who was recently slain by gunmen.

The persons who had been detained include a policeman who was on suspension from the Jamaica Constabulary Force and well-known producer Dj Karim. The deejay could not be immediately reached for comment, however, members of his inside circle said he was O.K.

"The deejay alright, the police are just trying to style him by damaging his reputation and what's worse, endangering his life by doing this," one insider said.


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