Oct 17, 2008

Sadiki Beaten for Calling Sample Six a Homosexual

Dancer Sadiki a.k.a The Snowman a.k.a G-Unit is now nursing a nasty gash across his head after someone broke a bottle against his skull at Weddy Weddy this morning. The attack was allegedly masterminded by the Sample Six dancers.

"Ah 24 stitches mi get dog. Mi de a Weddy Weddy ah siddown when mi see 10 man surround mi and one ah dem bruk a bottle pon mi head. Then this morning, mi get a call say mi fi stop call up Sample Six name say him a battyman," Sadiki told a reporter today.

"Why dem rush me, through me ride bike and mi no have nuff money like Chi Ching Ching? Anno me alone ah talk say Sample Six ah battybwoy so why dem only have strength fi me? Because mi no have no money? Ah 24 stitches mi get inna mi head."

SOURCE : one876entertainment


  1. DAMN YO!! i just! was talkin 2 Sadiki las week! /he tol me bout a lil ting sample n he had but i didnt kno it went down like DAT!! damn. SMH