Dec 17, 2008

Is Aidonia Beefing with Vybz Kartel

I saw this clip on youtube where a Aidonia in his usual high speed lyrical rhymes sounded like him Dissed Vybz Kartel in it. There has been a spate of allegations indicating that the two are at odds.. even in the recent Blak Ryno interview people asking whats the beef between Kartel and Aidonia... In recent star report Aidonia indicated ...."there is no rift between me and Kartel.

The song post online and since people a tell me seh Kartel and me a war. Me and Kartel have nutten. Everything good wid me and Kartel and everyone from the Portmore Empire."

In the track it sound like he said.."Clap it up Addi yuh head get lick offa cuff mek dem drop buff pon di plaza"....but according to Aidonia he did not say 'Addi' but 'baddy' and in fact the song says "target mi shoot offa mi nuh miss offa, clap it up yuh baddy, yuh head get lick offa."... according Donia there is no truth also to "another rumour that Aidonia and Portmore Empire's Blak Ryno were involved in a fight recently.

It has been said that Vybz Kartel was in defence of Blak Ryno and attempted to hit Aidonia, but someone interceded." .. there are planning to do a track together and a couple of shows.. Anyway ...people listen the track ..just a small excerpt was posted .. what you hear at 0:02 seconds in this clip?



  1. Spray-a-clipDecember 17, 2008

    listen di lyrics

  2. well to me it always sounded like "clap it up addi yuh head get lick offa" but i really ca be d judge

  3. Him Nuh Diss Kartel, Dem A Brejiz Satr..
    Plus Him already said him and kartel nuh hav nun, so the public need fi stop instigatin da ting..

  4. AnonymousMay 06, 2009

    if they aint got nun.. Y did Kartel diss donia in last man standing?

  5. if they aint got nun.. Y did Kartel diss donia in last man standing?