Dec 11, 2008

LinkUp Media Files Lawsuit Against John Holt

On Saturday December 6, 2009 John Holt was scheduled to perform at the 4th Annual Vintage Reggae fest in NYC alongside artists Coco Tea, Sugar Minott, Brigadier Jerry, Leroy Sibbles, Uroy, Nadine Sutherland and Carlton Livingston. John Holt decided not to show up, prompting award winning Publisher and Broadcaster David "Squeeze" Annakie (who boasts an impeccable record of promoting shows with full transparency) to compensate by replacing Mr. Holt with Gregory Isaacs, Frankie Paul and Courtney Melody -- leading to additional expenses in excess of $70,000. While the sold out show was very successful, Mr. Annakie has decided to sue Mr. Holt for breach of contract and has canceled his work visa. The Law Offices of Spar and Bernstein have been retained by David "Squeeze" Annakie and LinkUp Media to handle the case.

"It is very unfortunate that I have to do this," explained Annakie. "However, this is the third time that John Holt has done this. As a promoter, I am committed to my patrons to be transparent and deliver as promised. This philosophy extends to all contracted with my organization. I will see Mr. Holt in court."

Mr. Holt was issued a valid O-1 work visa at the US Embassy pursuant to a non-immigrant visa petition filed by petitioner LinkUp Media, to whom Mr. Holt was contractually obligated to perform at the Vintage ReggaeFest on December 6, 2008. At the request of Mr. Holt, Spar and Bernstein confirmed the validity of his work visa with the U.S. Embassy in Jamaica on two separate occasions and also received confirmation from U.S. Immigration and Customs that Mr. Holt would be allowed to enter the United States on his O-1 visa to perform at the scheduled concert. Mr. Holt had no excuse, as far as immigration is concerned, not to enter the United States based on his contractual obligations.

Both LinkUp Media and Spar and Bernstein put in substantial time and effort confirming Mr. Holt's visa at the US Embassy in Jamaica and at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the United States, and are both puzzled and disappointed that he chose to break his contract by failing to perform at the Vintage Reggae Fest.


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  1. What reason was given by John Holt for not appearing as schedule? What was his response to the lawsuit?