Dec 5, 2008

Natural Bridge Records Drops Konshens

Just one day shy of the first anniversary of signing the artiste known as Konshens, Natural Bridge Records CEO Mark Pinnock has decided to drop the artiste from the label and in fact, he may be opting out of the music industry as well.

"Tomorrow would be the one year anniversary of a five year contract that I signed with Konshens, At the time the contract was signed, I had something to prove, because the artiste I had before lacked vision and the drive to move forward. I got him out there in only eight months, but now, Konshens is showing that he's self-centred, egotistical and full of himself and he still has no clue of the business," the chief executive officer Mark Pinnock said.

"Konshens has no conscience. The artiste is a major disappointment. I am part of a dying breed, people like Skatta and Wayne Wright who are willing to spend time and money to develop an artiste and send them on the road. This is the last artiste that I am going down this road with."

"I don't want to be a part of this anymore, if it is not moving, not going anywhere, I cannot be a a part of a 'dumbed down' industry that has no is all a facade, it took US$15,000 to break Winner and I only made US$4,500, I call that a dumb down, it is not practical. We are no longer producers, just promoters."


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