Dec 16, 2008

Who the Hell Is Pamputtae ?

“Talk di tings dem!” … A phrase made popular by a very special, talented and ambitious young lady from the ‘village’ of Kingston, Jamaica dubbed Pamputtae.

Eveana Henry, also known as ‘Pamputtae’ realized her obvious talent for dancing and music during her humble beginnings as a resident of the volatile inner city community Fletchers Land in Kingston Driven by a passionate quest for stardom, Pamputtae’s big break came in 2006 when she did an intro for Tony Matterhorn for his song ‘Goodas Fi Dem’.

The song was an instant hit, which catapulted Pamputtae’s into the international dancehall spotlight. In 2008 during the staging of Fully Loaded and Beenie Man’s Summer Sizzle, Pamputtae gave an excellent performance, earning her many a ‘forwards’ and rave reviews in the print media.

But how the hell did she come up with that name?

“I love the African movies and I would always say “Hey! Pamputtae!”, so soon after the intro with Matterhorn, the fans and some friends of mine said that's the name I should use. So, from that, the name just stuck.” Billed for the world renowned STING 2009 lyrical showcase this event is regarded as Reggae Biggest one night event. She is set to make her first UK tour in early 2009.

With a slew of hot singles and a solid number one song “Good Good” under her belt, Pamputtae is determined and focused to break into the international mainstream market and continue to create waves on the dancehall scene.

SOURCE :reggaewire

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