Jan 4, 2009

Nikki Z will return to ZIP FM

Since her December 11th suspension from ZIP FM, morning show host Nikki Z has had a great deal of time to think about being careful with screening show content; and it seems as if others have been considering the repercussions of her actions so deeply that they have begun to imagine things.

In a letter sent to the editor of The Gleaner recently, Broadcast Commission head huncho, Cordel Green reiterated facts about censorship laws in Jamaica, under the title, “Impact of Broadcasting Commission being felt.” In his letter, Green alluded to what seemed to be the Nikki Z situation, by saying that, a female DJ lost her position from a prime-time slot on a popular radio station after playing a song on December 4th that contained an expletive.

Nikki Z’s suspension arose from an incident in December, when she played a song on her 6:00am to 10:00am show that had profane content. The song causing all the controversy was “Ride It” by Munga Honorable.

Only aware of a suspension and not termination of her employment, Nikki Z’s reaction was reported as being one of uncertainty. She told The Star that Green’s statement was new news to her, and to her knowledge she still has a job at ZIP FM. In the news report the popular and highly animated radio programmer was confident that her boss would have been the one to break such news to her; and he had not.

“But either way – no worries,” Nikki Z told The Star.

Meanwhile at ZIP FM, ZJ Sparks and ZJ Rose have been working the Nikki Z morning slot. They have new policies to abide by, that see them researching the music and writing up their log sheets way in advance, so their chosen songs can be double checked by programming.

D’Adra Williams, Programming Manager at ZIP FM was also in the dark about Nikki Z’s alleged redundancy.

SOURCE: Yardflex

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