Feb 19, 2009

Rihanna Letting Chris Brown Off the Hook

So Rihanna doesn’t know if she wants to pursue charges against Chris Brown for beating her up and is suffering from depression and conflicting emotions after watching the implosion of his career over the last few days.

Hopefully her wavering demonstrates, for the world to see, how tough it is for a woman in domestic abuse situations. And that we really view those women who do testify against those that have battered them as brave and heroic. Because in most cases they aren’t doing it for themselves they’re doing it for their families, their sons and daughters.

I hope the world sees what strength and will it takes for a partner to pursue charges against a ‘loved one’ even if that loved one has physically hurt or brutally assaulted (emotonally, physically and sexually) them for years.

Because if Rihanna a single women with almost everything in the world who has access to all of life’s greatest pleasures and luxuries is having her doubts imagine how difficult it is for women who with less- a lot less to pursue charges or obtain an order of protection? The Rihanna case also shows why the US’s conviction rates for domestic violence is only 37%!!

And according to some Caribbean scholars if her battering had happened in the Caribbean (Rihanna is Barbadian) her domestic violence case, if brought to the police would probably, simply disappear!

I don’t know if many consider Rihanna a role model or more importantly if she considers herself to be one but I do hope that if she chooses NOT TO pursue charges against him other women DO NOT follow her example.

She may be able to overlook his shortcomings but I doubt the general public will be as forgiving

SOURCE: blackliberal.wordpress.com

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