Mar 4, 2009

" Partygoers Savour French Kiss" ...

It took a while for French Kiss to heat up but when it did the erotic energy of the party last Saturday night kept going till the early morning.

Held at The Estate on Hope Road, the seven erotic bars were properly positioned around the venue, allowing for a fairly large dance floor in the centre. When THE STAR arrived after midnight, the venue was partially filled with most persons staying near the bars and drinking their fill of the ultra drinks-inclusive event. The first sound at the turntables, Code Red, barely got the vibe going in the early segment with a mix of older music. Most patrons wanted to 'bruk out' and it took Renegade Sound from out of Miami to get the vibe going.

Coming on with Protected, from Chino, to numerous forwards, the vibe really began to heat up with newer dance songs. The dancefloor was was beginning to fill up when two women started a dance-off for the video light. In the kissing booth, some couples were chatting while others did as the booth was intended for, while the nearby Cadbury booth was surrounded by persons with sweet tooth.

Rampin' time

With liquor running freely persons soon lost their inhibitions and danced freely for the cameras. Songs like Rampin' Shop got a strong response and one woman in particular went crazy every time a song from Aidonia was played, prancing around and wining to her own beat.

A slew of gangsta tunes were also played with the typical dancing songs being left out except for Elephant Man's Dip Again. A creative set of male patrons, started a dance routine on the dance floor as those on the side lines watched. When Hundred Stab was played a couple got into the vibe, falling to the floor as all eyes and camera lens focused on them. Despite the bar going dry too early, French Kiss went fairly smoothly, considering the competition from other parties held that night.

By 3 a.m., however, the police entered the venue while ZJ Johnny Kool was on the wheels of steel, as persons cried "No!" The police left while Johnny Kool announced that the volume would be turned down but the party would still go on. When THE STAR team left the venue, there were some persons leaving while the majority kept on partying.


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