Apr 14, 2009

Dancehall Artiste Beenie Man Heading Back to Shocking Vibes?

The local entertainment fraternity is bracing for a cosmic realignment with rumours racing around the corporate area that Beenie Man is contemplating a return to Shocking Vibes camp and its charismatic manager Patrick Roberts.

In March sources close to Beenie Man’s camp said that while he was in New York recently, the entertainer meet with a number of prospective music managers as he has seen the need to ‘tighten’ up his financial affairs by hiring a business manager.

However, since return to Jamaica last week, tongues have been wagging that he may just return to Shocking Vibes, the label he help to make famous. When contacted this week shocking vibes chief executive officer, Patrick Roberts attacked with surprise to the rumour that Beenie Man was seeking a manager, blurting out.

“That’s news to me!” “Beenie Man cannot be seeking a new manager when he has me available,” Patrick Roberts said. “Since Beenie Man left I have not manage any other artiste. If he wants to return to Shocking Vibes, I am willing and ready. Beenie Man will always be my artiste regardless of things that were said. There is a synergy between Beenie Man and Shocking Vibes led by Patrick Roberts”.

“if Beenie Man wants a proper manager, he needs to come back to Shocking Vibes….. I am hoping for it Robert said.

Efforts to get a comment from Beenie Man proved futile as it was said that he had lost the phone. XtraNews was unable to get in touch with Beenie Man’s bother and manager, ‘Blue, who failed to return several calls to his mobile phone.

The music industry was hit by the earth-shaking announcement in December 2006 that Beenie Man was leaving Hocking Vibes, a move that signaled a big shift in balance of power equation in the dancehall universe.


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