Apr 26, 2009

Jamaica National Indoor Sports Centre Transforms into CLUB YUSH

The promoters of the popular party series, YUSH will realise their audacious dream of staging the first ever Fantastic Mega CLUB YUSH on Saturday May 2, 2009, at the National Indoor Sports Centre (NISC), Kingston.

Veering from the traditional outdoor party format which may be hampered by the elements et al, this huge, air-conditioned enclosure will be dramatically transformed into the Fantastic Mega CLUB YUSH – a mega-nightclub featuring all the amenities and elements one would expect in a trendy first-world night spot. These elements will include stylish décor to set the tone of the club, an ongoing laser light show, and of course, Jamaica’s best deejays to deliver the preferred reggae, dancehall and hip-hop hits, featuring present day favourites remixed on nineties rhythms and vice versa.

Furthermore, extensive bars will be erected in the venue serving an array of specialty mixed cocktails and premium beer as one would expect at a high-end club, whilst bouncers will be interspersed throughout the venue to ensure the safety and security of all patrons.

“The idea is to introduce the mega-nightclub experience to the Jamaican party crowd centred around the inimitable YUSH vibe”, said Philip Palmer, one of the promoters of the Fantastic Mega CLUB YUSH. Palmer, along with partners Carrie ‘Quizz’ Sigurdson and Scott Dunn will see to the execution of this pioneering venture which is the first of its kind for the NISC and Jamaica on a whole.

Dunn explained, “After 15 successful stagings of YUSH, we felt it was time to reinvent and rebrand the YUSH image”. With that, the new format will seek to preserve YUSH’s status as the original “No Long Talking, Bere Dancing” modern-day event, throttled by the vibe and energy of the nineties.

“We are presenting the same YUSH vibe in a truly premium setting”, Dunn continued; “and all who desire the best entertainment Jamaica has to offer at a reasonable price are invited to come party with us”.

Music by:DJ Rush,Bambino, Renaissance,

Admission: $2,000 pre-sold, $2,500 at the door

Sponsored by:Heineken, Grace Tropical Rhythms - The Official Chaser of YUSH, Grace Cock Soup, Nescafe, Tru Juice, Sidewalk to Catwalk, Blueprint Consulting, ZIP 103 FM

Club YUSH tickets are now available at Shimmer, Xtras Mall Plaza and Sidewalk to Catwalk, 5 South Avenue. Patrons are also encouraged to confirm your attendance at the CLUB YUSH FACEBOOK EVENTS PAGE:http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=68723849453

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