Apr 15, 2009

Red Stripe Temptation Isle (RTI) Loses Daydreams, and Wildsides to The Negril Dream Series

The organisers of Red Stripe Temptation Isle (RTI) say the series of parties will return to Negril over the Independence weekend with a few changes, including the loss of signature parties Daydreams and Wildsides to the new Negril Dream Weekend. Last week it was announced that a new party series would begin on the west coast called the Negril Dream Weekend which would feature a combination of the best parties from Red Stripe/Absolute Entertainment Temptation Isle and Appleton Treasure Island.

Kamal Bankay of the Dream Team, organisers of the Negril Dream Weekend explained: "What's really happening is that the strongest events in Negril have come together to make one band where the strongest will survive. So the so-called RTI band and ATI band that we're used to for the last two years as it stands, is now one band."

International artistes

The Negril Dream Weekend includes: Daydreams, Twisted Spirits, Xtreme Wet and Wild, Wildsides, Yush and The Concert, a new event that will feature International and local artistes and celebrities. However, Alex Chin from Absolute Entertainment, originators of the Negril party weekend, confirmed to THE STAR yesterday that RTI will still be kept from August 6 to 9.

said: "RTI is still on with the same parties except for Daydreams." The parties for RTI weekend include: Stages, Joker's Wild, Tempted, Pretty in Pink and Temptation Live. According to Chin, Absolute Entertainment is currently in negotiations with Red Stripe to maintain their title sponsorship and the details are being sorted. When contacted, a representative from Red Stripe was unable to comment on the issue at the moment.

Still here

Chin said: "I have no problem with another weekend being created, I can't stop anybody. We started the whole season band for the weekend concept and every year there has been competition and nine years after we started, we're still here... personally I wish there wasn't the different armbands for the weekend which would make it less hectic, I wish there was one weekend but that's not gonna happen."

One of the parties that jumped ship to Negril Dream Weekend is Wildsides, which is one of the longest running Negril weekend parties. Yhan Hendricks from Alaska Entertainment, organisers of Wildsides told THE STAR: "Wildsides is a part of the dream weekend, as the name of the weekend itself suggests, everything will be put together in a dream format." Despite the loss of Daydreams and Wildsides to the RTI weekend, Chin promises that the event will continue to be an excellent event that gives patrons a true all-inclusive event.

Will there be any more surprises, and what will be the cost for the bands this year?


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  1. any word on the other ATI parties
    will ATI still have their series because their most popular parties are now with the dream weekend except hip hip jouvert