May 11, 2009

ATI NEGRIL "the orgins" How it All Started

The term ATI has changed so much over the past decade. Even usual party goers who are generally in the know have been spun for a loop this year with the old ATI now becoming RTI , and a “new” "ATI" being born. It is all quite confusing even for those who live here in Jamaica and have experienced the ATI weekend.

For those of us who are not so quite “in the know”; The terms Independence Weekend and ATI Weekend have become synonymous over the past couple of years. Jamaica celebrates its Independence on August 6th each year and on that weekend each year, Negril is host to a massive series of parties. This weekend has, since 2001, been called the ATI weekend.

The first ATI was launched in summer 2001 with the name Absolute Temptation Isle. The event is an enormous party weekend usually starting on the Friday and ending on the Monday. Each day and night is filled with entertainment from the biggest names in the music business from here in Jamaica, and as far abroad as Japan, and all inclusive drinking and eating.

In 2002 Appleton went on board as the title sponsor for the event and Absolute Temptation Isle now became Appleton Treasure Isle. The party weekend continued as usual with the only change being the meaning of the Acronym. In 2006 a rift developed between the sponsors: Appleton and Absolute Entertainment and both decided to host their party weekends with the same ATI acronym on separate weekends with one set of parties on Emancipation Weekend, which is August 1st, and the other on Independence Weekend.

In 2007 things changed even more. At Absolute Temptation Isle’s Press Launch, it was announced that Red Stripe would become the new title sponsor and so the new name was born “RTI”- Red Stripe Temptation Isle, and with that announcement came much excitement.

Now in 2009 week have another change. The Dream Weekend will be added to the Negril Weekend. Kamal Bankay of Dream Team, organisers of Negril Dream Weekend, told THE WEEKEND STAR: "what's really happening is that the strongest events in Negril have come together to make one band where the strongest will survive.

These initially were : Daydreams - the ultimate daytime beach party; Twisted Spirits - the 32 mixed drinks inclusive event; Xtreme Wet and Wild at the Kool Runnings Waterpark; Yush - Negril's true '90s throwback party; Wildsides, which is the oldest Negril weekend event; and The Concert, which features international and local artistes and celebrities. Rumors how ever floating around that Absinthe has been added to the Dreamweekend.

Negril looking to be a hub of activity again, which series will be a hit among the patrons?



  1. AnonymousMay 12, 2009

    what about hip hop jouvert!!!!! dem mad if dem nuh have dat!

  2. what about hip hop jouvert!!!!! dem mad if dem nuh have dat!