Jun 19, 2009

Party Review: Red Stripe Dream Weekend Kick-Off Party

Whenever there is anything free, it is almost certain that there will be chaos. And there was indeed some amount, with Red Stripe’s Dream Weekend kick-off party, which was held on the roof of the National Housing Trust car park, as hundreds of persons converged at the entrance, many being turned away due to an overcrowded venue.

But all was not lost. Out of 500 possible season tickets made available across the island on that night, only three were not sold. And that made Dream Team’s head of marketing, Ron Burke, very pleased.

“We can’t be more pleased. We had tickets available at all the Margaritaville outlets (Ochi Rios, Negril and Montego Bay) and Beavers in Mandeville. Only three were not sold because they were reserved tickets,” he said.

“Last year was a much smaller launch geared at a specific target audience. This year’s campaign is a huge islandwide operation as you would have seen,” he added.

So business was good, and the massive crowd support was evidence of this.

However, persons inside the venue may not have been able to party freely (due to the overcrowded venue). At one point, selector Tony Matterhorn was forced to turn off the music in an attempt to reduce the size of the crowd, which was clearly in the thousands.

One female, who said she had planned all week for the party, questioned, “So why them say come by invitation only, when it look like everybody can come in?”

However, there was some good music, and Coppershot, ZJ Liquid and Tony Matterhorn provided it. The space wasn’t enough to let loose and patrons had to push and shove their way in order to create room for dancing.


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