Jun 7, 2009

Portmore Empire and the Alliance Face Off In NYC

Shouts of 'Nineties' and 'Gaza' peppered the air as a faceoff between rival factions of the Portmore Empire and the Alliance took centrestage at the Club Amaura in Queens, New York. Bounty Killer and an entourage of men walked up to the backstage area of the club during an energetic performance by Blak Ryno and Jahvinci, cutting short their set before Ryno could deliver the song dissing the Killer.

The situation got unbelievably tense and the strong contingent of Gaza followers got up in the face of other men aligned to Bounty Killer before security was able to whisk away both Ryno and Jahvinci before things got out of hand. Hip hop star Ron Browz reportedly left the building without getting a chance to perform. Bounty Killer closed the show.

Ryno got huge forwards for Thug Anthem, Dare to Try and Real Stingers, while Jahvinci rocked Amazura with his recent number one hit, Watch Yu Friends, that had the small crowd singing in unison. Here is the extended entry, where I prattle on about things.


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  1. AnonymousJune 09, 2009

    yaaay just wat we need...another beef in the dancehall...woooo dancehall music is gonna do so well in the near future...sigh