Jun 20, 2009

Red Stripe Dream Weekend Sold over 500 Special Arm Bands on Friday

On behalf of Red Stripe...the World's Coolest Beer Company and The Dream Team; we would like to THANK supporters for the overwhelming support shown last night (June 19th) at our summer kick off party on the roof of the NHT (New Kingston) for the Red Stripe Dream Weekend (RSDW) August 6 to 9 in Negril, Jamaica. Further, we applaud our patrons for their efforts in embracing responsible drinking as we prepare for a RED HOT SUMMER, filled with excitement and anticipation for the RSDW.

Last night saw thousands of patrons jamming as bRedrenz & siStrenz to blazing tunes from Dream DJs: Kurt Riley, Coppershot & DJ Liquid Dream in the heart beat of Jamaica: New Kingston. It was described by a media personnel as the prelude to what is expected to be the most exciting Negril Weekend in Jamaica, with the combination of Jamaica's top promoters and events on one band and coined the Red Stripe Dream Weekend.

For years party goers have yearned for this experience and this was clearly demonstrated in the appreciation and sale of 500 Dream Special arm bands in one night right across the island...including Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios and Mandeville for a special price of $7,000 with majority being sold at the kick off event. This can very well be described as an historic occasion...because never before has so many season bands been sold in One day at One event.

However, the rationale is clear as we present to you the perfect line up of events for the Red Stripe Dream Weekend:

ABSINTHE – Thursday August 6th (Day)

TWISTED SPIRITZ – Thursday night – August 6th (Night)

DAYDREAMS – Friday August 7th (Day)

YUSH – Friday night August 7th (Night)

XTREME WET and WILD (water park) - Saturday August 8th (Day)

Red Stripe BEER VIBES – Saturday night August 8th (Night)

SMIRNOFF XCLUSIVE – Sunday August 9th 9 (Day)

+ Margaritaville days Thursday - Sunday + Jungle Nights Thursday - Saturday

Now for those who didn't make it to our kick off party or our outlets across the island for the Dream Special we say: don't worry. General tickets are $9,500 and will be made available to you in short order. A formal announcement in the print and electronic media will be made in relation to ticket outlets across Jamaica, land we love and the USA.

Special Thanks to the production team: Main Event and associated Sponsors!!


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