Jun 19, 2009

Tales From A Groupie : Mavado in Jacksonville at Plush

This chick should work in P.R., cause she damn sure got a couple of good plugs in (check out the bold) lol. Enjoy...

Mavado came to Jacksonville 3/19/09 at a club called Plush. Since I've been knowing his uncle since '07 I knew I would get backstage pazzes. Well, he gave me 3 tickets and I invited one of my girls to come along so we went and bought outfits etc. So I called his uncle to touch base, while he is talking to me I noticed I didn't have his full attention, I heard a bunch of men in the background so I automatically assumed it was mavado and his entourage, his uncle told me he would call me back but I sweet talked him saying I missed him and I needed to see him and how I was stressed and needed some ganja to smoke(basically anything to get over there) he finally gave in and told me to come over to get my "package."

Me and my girl got dolled up I'm talking straight diva status so we get to the house and he let us in but he wouldn't let us any further then the den. So I'm sweet talking and "choked" needless to say I got in the back to use the "bathroom." Once I walked through it was so loud and so much smoke, I saw Mavado but he didn't see me, I stayed in the bathroom did a good look over in the mirror and applied more perfume took a deep breath and walked out, his song "Real Killer" was playing so I started dancing and singing the song, almost all eyes were on me I waved and said how's everyone doing Mavado looked at me and said "blessed" how he was looking me up and down I could tell he was f*cking me with his eyes, by then another song started and I did a little dutty whine and this lil thing I do with my ass.

I saw his uncle coming so I gave him a seductive look and left meeting his uncle right at the door, his uncle gave me my package and I left. After a couple of spliffs and a bottle of hennessy me and my girl was ready to go to the concert, I called the uncle and told him I was in the parking lot.

He told me and my friend to come straight up front in which we did and got in, he gave me 3 backstage pazzes and I gave him one back along with the extra ticket. At this time an opening act was on stage, me and my girl went backstage to chill for a few,the hennessy had me so bold, I went right over and sat next to Mavado's cousin chase cross an up and coming reggae artist.

So me and my friend were talking to him at this time Mavado makes references to my breast and pum pum in his native patois language I laughed and responded. I could tell he iwas impressed by my speaking and understanding what he was saying, I asked for a picture with him giving some dude my phone for the camera.

Mavado grabbed my phone and called his phone to get my number and said I'll see you after the show. After some grinding and blatant flirting I knew I wasn't going to make it to work the next morning. The show went really well I danced with his uncle and left immediately after trying to prepare for my booty call because I was sweated out. About 3:30 a.m.

I got a call from anonymous number, I answered and he told me he was at the hyatt and to call when I'm outside and he will send someone to get me. When I got there he was chilling in some shorts and a green yellow and red netted like wife beater, he said something quickly to his boy and then he invited me to a spliff I smoked and drank some more, he turned on some music and told me to whine and take off my clothes, while I'm dancing and taking off my clothes he turned on a lamp and off the lights, he grabbed my wrist and got the spliff he stayed behind me grinding and whine to my riddim, out of no where he got aggressive and pushed me against the back of the sofa he smacked my ass and began to pull down my thong, I stepped out of them now in just my stilettos, I turned towards him and ordered him to sit in his chair he went and sat. I got on my knees and crawled to him, I unfastened his shorts he lifted up so I could take them off, that's when I realizd just how skinny he really is I pulled out his d*ck, it was average I guess.

I began to deep throat him while jacking and slurping I could tell the slurping was turning him on, by the moans he was rubbing my head and calling me baby and when u hear a true Jamaican call you baby omg its a turn on! After I sucked him up for awhile I straddled him on the chair looking right in his face he grabbed yet another spliff and a condom.

He lit up while I was riding him I caught his riddim and by the look at his sex face I could tell I had him, I got up and he grabbed me asking what I was doing, I told him I wanted to turn around and ride him, I made a small joke about him not burning my back wit the spliff we shared a laugh and back to business.

Out of nowhere he pushed me off of him onto the floor and began to f*ck me from the back he smacked my ass and talked nasty nothings in my ear all the while I'm talking sh*t right back he told me to lay on my back, I laid on my back and opened wide he scissored me then put one knee behind the fold of my knee and f*cked me like that, at this time I'm feeling a little sick from the hennessy and he got me all bent up, he had to f*ck me for about 20 minutes alone in that position, he then turned me over on my stomach, he rubbed my ass for a minute then proceeded to smash from the back for about 15 more minutes at this time I'm thinking when will he finish?!? I told him let me get on top, about 10 minutes after bouncing on him he finally bust, I laid on the floor for a sec to catch my breath got my clothes and went to the bathroom washed up and got dressed, I came out and he was smoking yet another spliff putting something in a gift bag.

I hit the spliff we had small talk about his show and our sex I told him I would see him later he said he would be back in november and he would call me, he said he looked forward to seeing me again I said the same he hugged me, kissed my lips, and gave me the gift bag it was his cd autographed, 2 100 dollar bills and about an oz of ganja and a shirt that read "I'm so special" and I rushed home to call my friend with my story to tell! I won't rate him on his size because he is average but I will give him a 10 solely on stamina and he put me in a position I never been in and the fact he treated me well.

Though he is a celeb he fucked with passion he's a cool guy and real down to earth, what can I say, he's so special...

That scissor sh*t sounds like straight Karma Sutra. I ain't mad...

SOURCE : backstagepazz.com

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