Jul 17, 2009

PRESS IT UP Sean Paul's Second Single off Imperial Blaze Album

Imperial Blaze, the new album, is slated for release August 18, 2009. With the first single "So Fine" already dominating the airwaves, SP is ready to take the world by storm with his second single playfully titled "Press It Up."

In typical Sean Paul style, the DJ was at the Sputnik Lounge in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn on Thursday, July 16, 2009 to shoot the video for "Press It Up". On hand to direct the video was renowned choreographer turned director Tanisha Scott with the assistance of Tim Naylor and Nadia Sampson. Scott who has choreographed several of SP's music videos including "Gimme Di Light" and "We Be Burnin" has worked with artists such as Beenie Man, Ne-Yo, Ciara, Ludacris, Shaggy and Tami Chynn, to name a few.

Consider Press It Up, the second single off Sean Paul‘s forthcoming senior album: here, the Kingston-born hitmaker illustrates the way in which kinetic energy can be transferred as “heat” from one body to another. Over a uptempo, synth-heavy riddim by Stephen McGregor, Paul explains that, when two formerly isolated systems—for example, himself and a female clubgoer—are put into contact with one another, the vibrational motion of said shorty’s “ass molecules” (technical term) results in a pure heat reaction in which the two bodies move towards thermal equilibrium (as per Zeroth’s law).

Got it? Good! Of course, the single isn’t just a clinical exercise in science-dropping; the combination of Sean’s heavily-accented rhymes and the propulsive beat adds up to a cut that’s as danceable as it is informative.



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