Jul 22, 2009

Summer Barraage set to rock the Spirit Oasis on Saturday July25

On Saturday July25, Lawless Events and Alca Entertainment will introduce Bullet Summer Barraage at the Spirit Oasis, 11Holborn Road, New Kingston. The promoters have coined the phrase “A barrage a fun, a barrage a girls and a barrage of drinks” as the main features of the mega mixed drink inclusive event.

The event will feature a musical barrage by ZJ Chrome, Coppershot, Renaissance, DJ Ryzma, Darkcide International and special guests Kamal and Mario C from Third Dimension. To add a little extra to the event, the promoters have decided to add performances to the list of features. These will include artistes such as Leftside (Mr.Evil),Tifa, Raine Seville (Daseca’s 1st lady), Ishawna, new artiste Chedda and Jamaica’s craziest beatboxer, Mixing Lab.

The event is presently being heavily promoted as there are a barrage of dubs and ads on the scene including those from Twin of Twins, Chi Ching Ching, Ishawna,Mr.Evil and Raine Seville with more to come. A Summer Barraage mixtape done by Darkcide International is also in circulation. “We decided to go all out with our promotional tactics, even with the promo shirts we’ve been using from Drenz Fashions. We purposely made them loud so you can’t see one and forget it.” commented Alca Traz of Alca Entertainment.

“Summer Barraage has grown from strength to strength throughout its promotion and is now one of the most anticipated events this summer. It is creative value for money and an extremely good alternative to going out of town” added Marvin Lawrence of Lawless Events.

Title sponsors Bullet Energy Drink were all too eager to be a part of the event, “We were approached by the promoters about their planned event Summer Barraage which promises customer satisfaction and high energy with the prospect of high energy fun, girls and a barrage of drinks that can be mixed with Bullet, thus Bullet decided to come on board and make it our first premium sponsorship event.” commented Bullet’s Karl Rhoden.

Summer Barraage is sponsored by Bullet Energy Drink, Intec Research, 876Radio.com, Rockwildaz.com, Keep Left Records, Tru Juice, Digicel, Coco Cola, Drenz Fashions, RETV, Zip 103FM, Rock Ice, Bars to Go, Metrodade Security, T.N.I, and Thrill Grill.

Come to Summer Barraage with your entourage!



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