Aug 10, 2009

Absinthe "SHOT" was the Ultimate Kick Off Party

With water being thrown across the venue wetting the packed crowd at Margaritaville Negril, Absinthe kicked off the Negril Dream Weekend last Thursday to rave reviews.

Negril was a hub of activity as persons travelled from across the island for the ATI and Dream Weekends. Kicking off the list of weekend events, Absinthe had an early vibe which saw persons still strolling into the party late into the night. It was after 8 p.m., however, that the party moved into high gear with DJ Sanjay and Cutty from Coppershot who had waists rotating with popular soca tracks.

Alison Hinds' Roll It, as well as songs from Destra and Machel Mantano, had the crowd moving to the beat. When DJ Cutty demanded that water be thrown, patrons took the command to a whole new level, with bottles of water being flung around the venue as some embraced the water while other shied away.

Before that, an early segment by Margaritvaille's DJ Nicco had persons rocking as they exchanged their Dream tickets for arm bands, while ZJ Johnny Cool had persons sweeping the sand away to oldies dance tracks. Crazy Hype and other songs created a vibe while hip hop numbers had persons rocking as they made their way to the various bars.

With body painting being provided by Eon and Robby and food on demand, Absinthe patrons had a number of things to keep them occupied.

It was the bikini-clad women profiling and wining throughout the night that held the men's attention as groups of men had fun scouting for willing dance partners. Soon the daggerin' began as women literally ascended to new heights as they danced.

Entertainers such as Flippa Mafia and newcomer Denyque were on hand for the fun, as well as cricketers Chris Gayle and Marlon Samuels, among others. Outkast played a lively gangsta segment for the men, which everyone enjoyed.

According to Absinthe promoter, Gersham Greene, six years ago a group of friends now known as Syndicate Events dreamed of staging parties particularly in Negril during the summer now that has become a reality.

“Syndicate Events & the Absinthe brand was born out of that ‘dream’ and this Independence was the manifestation of another, that being to host a party in Negril. Absinthe - Beach Mardi Gras was phenomenal based on the responses of patrons and sponsors alike which is a clear demonstration that a mere ‘dream’ can become a reality…it only takes hard work & dedication. Our dream has come true,” Greene said. With a smooth-running bar, a nice vibe and good music, Absinthe was, without a doubt, a success and whetted the appetite for more fun to come.

SOURCE: Jamaica Star


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