Aug 18, 2009

Fiction Among Top 10 Party Spots in Kingston for a True Jamaican Experience recently listed Fiction among Top 10 Party Spots in Kingston for a true Jamaican party experience. So for those that don’t know, there is a party happening everyday of the week in Jamaica. Here are the top 10 places to be if you are anybody worth anything while you go to Jamaica. If you want to stay in your nice cozy resort, then this list is NOT for you neither is Kingston.

However, if you are brave and willing to mingle with the real people of Jamaica, then you MUST go to these places. Big UP Spliffy! Top 10 Party Spots in Kingston:

Fiction - Wednesdays @ the market place

Fiction is located at the hot spot, the Market Place on Constant Spring Road. Fiction has three VIP booths which have been booked almost every night since its opening on December 9. Nestled in one corner is the Johnnie Walker Lounge. Its dark walls and plush earth-toned leather cushions lend a mature, sophisticated feel and complements the main area with its bold artwork and psychedelic lighting.

Other Party Spots on the list are;

Margaritaville - Jimmy Buffetts

The Quad

Passa Passa (Tivoly Gardens) - Downtown

Medusa’s - Meddi Weddi ( Wednesday )

Blitz on a Tuesday - by Cuddyz Sport Bar

Prendy’s on The Beach - Restaurant @Hellshire


Morgan’s Habour

Escape - Bar (New Kingston)



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