Aug 17, 2009

Will Red Stripe Bold be Another Great Jamaican Beer

Red Stripe was proud to announce the launch of a new Red Stripe® beer to an already internationally successful brand. Red Stripe Bold®, also named “Beer with Attitude” by our brewers, will hit the spot with beer lovers everywhere who want a refreshing, yet distinct intense taste.

“Red Stripe has a great history as Jamaica’s favourite beer, and one that is gaining an ever increasing following internationally. With Red Stripe Light®, and now Red Stripe Bold®, we are continuing to satisfy the changing tastes of Jamaican and international consumers.” said Dave DaCosta, Innovation Marketing Manager, Red Stripe.

Delivered in a premium, dark, long neck bottle, Red Stripe Bold® is noticeably different to it’s original brother, whilst still instantly recognisable as part of the same strongly Jamaican family. It is brewed from the same traditional quality ingredients with added hops and double the fermenting time to deliver the distinctive “bold” robust taste, and 6% Alcohol By Volume (ABV).

The introduction of Red Stripe Bold® fulfils the company’s objective to continue to satisfy the changing demands of Jamaican and international consumers through a programme of innovation. “This is great news for Jamaicans. If we are going to keep winning with consumers we must give them the very best reasons to choose our brands. By adding Red Stripe Bold® to our portfolio of international beer, spirit cooler and spirit brands, we are ensuring Red Stripe is speaking the language that many of our consumers want to hear when they reach for a Jamaican Red Stripe®, all the instantly recognisable characteristics and high quality of our original beer, only even bolder!” said Alan Barnes, Managing Director, Red Stripe.

Red Stripe Bold® will be sold at retail in 4-packs, making it unique, accessible and convenient to consumers.

The coolest beer brand in the world just got even bolder!

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  1. AnonymousMay 01, 2013

    when is it coming to the united states?