Sep 10, 2009

Foota Hype Arrested

Foota Hype was reportedly held for questioning by the Constant Spring police earlier yesterday evening with regard to an assault incident that took place in the Cassava Piece community recently.

A Cassava Piece resident was reportedly alleging that Foota Hype was among a group of men, at least one of whom was said to be a policeman, that stopped him then searched and beat him. Ironically, Foota Hype was apparently at the police station earlier this evening trying to get assistance to have his mother moved out of the community, when the resident turned up to make a report about the incident. He reportedly pointed out Foota Hype as one of his assailants, and the selector was arrested.

When popular entertainment website Dancehall.Mobi contacted the Constant Spring police station just after 9 p.m. last night, the policewoman on duty confirmed that Foota Hype had been arrested and was being held in custody there, but had not been charged with anything as yet.

The policewoman on duty was unable to confirm the reason(s) for his arrest, but said he would remain in custody at a minimum overnight.



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