Sep 17, 2009

Jay-Z Beats Elvis Presley's Album Record But Thinks He is Getting Too Old for Hip-Hop

Jay-Z has beaten Elvis Presley to take the record for the most number one albums by a solo artist in the U.S. after 'The Blueprint 3' topped the charts. The album is Jay-Z's 11th number one. But even with is achievement Jay Z fears he is getting too old for hip hop.

Jay Z fears that he is growing too old for hip-hop, and needs to continue reinventing himself to maintain his popularity.

The 38-year-old singer says, as he approaches 40, staying relevant is harder.

In an interview to the Scotsman, the star, real name Shawn Carter, said that he needed to continue trying new things.

“Hip-hop is about the gift of discovery. It’s who has the newest sneakers, who has the new pants,” Contactmusic quoted him as saying.

“So if I go to school with Jay-Z on my iPod, they go, ‘OK, we all know him.’ You have to come to school with some new band that no-one else has heard of.

“As an artist you’re fighting against everything that’s new. So not only are you swimming upstream, you have someone pulling on your leg: the new guy, the weight of the new guy,” he added.



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