Sep 9, 2009

Mavado vs Foota Hype a War of Bullets or of Words

An internal war is threatening to destroy The Alliance from within as the mushrooming conflict between Oneil ‘Foota Hype’ Thomas and David ‘Mavado’ Brooks has taken a decidedly sharp turn towards gun violence. Last week Saturday, Foota Hype said he was on his phone talking to his mother, Doreen, when gunshots rang out in the background. His mother screamed, and his blood ran cold.

“Me and her did a reason when it happen, pure gunshot. Mi lose 10 pound same time, mi shoes full a water, mi head swell up, mi tun eediat and mi drive go round de. Mi mother a bawl, mi just happy say she never got shot, mi mother house shot up and she no dead, mi just haffi thank God,” he said.

The police said that six rounds were discharged on his mother’s gate.

“Man pop off gun at her gate already and dem turn gun over the yard,” Foota Hype said.

Foota Hype said he knew who perpetrated the act, and that person is aligned to certain factions within the community.

“We know who do it and who that person is affiliated to. 50 persons say him no know bout it and 50 persons say he knows about it, but if that is the case, why not cut all ties to the people who give you a bad name.”

REPORTER: But why intimidate your mother?

“I guess because I always have a licensed firearm holder around me or somebody is always around me, so they intimidate her to hurt me.”

REPORTER: Are you going to move?

“The Gully ah mine. I was born on the block. Me strengthen him, and mek him into a full grown giant. Now him want to crush who mek him ah eat. We ah go see if God ah allow that to happen.”

The stakes have been raised considerably especially in light of police reports that Mavado’s apartment uptown was shot up on Monday night September 7th 2009.

“Somebody call me from foreign and tell me that it happened. Last night, I went to Uptown Mondayz and mi wrath. Mi talk mi mind, because my defense is music, I am not a gunman, I can’t afford to buy guns and bullets. Him call himself the Gully Gaad, but mi ah leave everything to God. If me live fi live, mi ah go live.”

SOURCE: one876entertainment


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