Oct 26, 2009

Laden a Victim or a Offender ?

Laden, Big Ship’s youngest artist, was the victim of a scam recently, allegedly by a close friend.

The Jamaica Star reports the artist’s myspage page was used to book shows and collect money without his knowledge. The artist tells the paper after returning from a three month tour of Africa, Europe and the US, he started receiving phone calls about upcoming shows and dubplates, something he knew nothing about. A close friend, who has denied the allegations, had access to his myspace page and the artist believes this individual used his page to schedule shows and collect payment for these bookings.

He tells the paper:

Mi have a likkle yute mi have as a friend who help me out sometimes, he had my myspace address and password. Him talk to the promoter on myspace and tell di promoter don’t call me, give him numbers to contact him and account information to send the money. Mi a get other calls from people bout how ‘mi nah get mi dubs’ and I don’t know what dem talking about.

Mi want the public to know that those shows had nutten to do wid me. Mi upset cause it just a hurt my ting and my reputation cause I’m not a yute like dat who woulda tek people money and don’t show. I’m going to be taking over all the runnings for my myspace from now on so persons can get to me through there, or link Laden personally or contact the Big Ship offices.

Here’s my thing… did this individual not stop and think that Laden would find out about this eventually or did they just not care??? Your best friend could be truly be your worse enemy. SOURCE: The Star MORE ON THIS ARTICLE BELOW

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