Oct 20, 2009

New Single and Video from Bar-bee "Feels So Good"

"There was a good vibe while working the video . Tingle is a good director, Rupert was wonderful and we all had a great time and I am satisfied with the end product," Bar-bee said.

Her aim with this single is to "bring back the old time rub-a-dub because the music is too full of hype". She noted that she enjoys great synergy with Dean Fraser, who she rates as one of the top producers and who has influenced the direction of her career.

Known for being in a bit of controversy at the very start of her career, Bar-bee says she has put all that behind her and is now at a place where she has matured and her focus is getting a number one song . again.

"Controversy and mix-up will propel you into the spotlight career for a while, but good music is what will prevail and keep you going to the end," she remarked.

She is comfortable with the strides she has made in her career so far and is looking forward to lots of greater things in 2010. "I've been on stage with Rik Ross and Fabulous, Bobby Womack. I even got to sing Happy Birthday to Beres in LA in the Sports Arena and I performed right before him and got a standing ovation for a Michael Jackson tribute," she said.

"And all of this was thanks to Love You Anyway going number one. Thanks to Jamaica because once a song goes number one in Jamaica, you get a lot of respect," she noted.

She has been on mini tours which has seen her passing through some of the major festivals.

"It was really a success to go on the festivals and it was a pleasure to represent for Jamaica and also to represent for the females because on the road it's mainly just me and Spice and all the females need to come together and get ourselves out there," she declared.

"Life is filled with lessons and blessings and the only person who can stop me is me and God. Oh .African friend from Canada Jean, who, flew in to do everyone's hair on my video," she added.

SOURCE: The JamaicnObserver


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