Nov 12, 2009

Alert Security Guards Save the Night at Fiction

ALERT security guards late Tuesday prevented what could have been a nasty incident at a 'hot' Kingston nightspot when they denied entry to a 'suspicious' man who did not adhere to the dress code.

The man, who was dropped off by a motorcycle rider at the Marketplace on Constant Spring Road, went to the doors of the Fiction Nightclub and told guards that he was looking for someone, but after being denied entry went back to the car park where he fired shots towards the club's entrance, causing minor injury to a waitress.

The police have since launched a manhunt for a man who it is suspected had gone to the nightspot to shoot a patron.

According to the manager of the club, Daren Allwood, the man had sought to gain entry to the establishment but was refused admission by club security because he did not comply with the dress code.

"He was wearing a cap and he looked agitated and nervous. We have trained security and we don't allow persons to go inside the club to look for people," Allwood said.

An off-duty policeman, who was a patron at the club, as well as the establishment's armed security were immediately informed.

This apparently angered the man and he ran off to the car park and opened fire towards the entrance of the club.

"He ran off and started shooting. He fired three shots and the waitress got a scrape on her leg. She was treated at hospital and released. We don't know if it was a bullet or what," Allwood said.

Patrons inside the club were unaware of the incident and continued enjoying themselves until police arrived to process the crime scene.

"We have to applaud our security team as their judgement was on point," Allwood told the Observer.

The gunman was reportedly taken to the scene on a motorcycle whose rider left the compound and awaited his accomplice on Constant Spring Road.

He ran back to the spot where the motorcycle was parked and both men escaped the scene.

"We actually started beefing up security from last week. We have to protect our patrons," Allwood said.


67 Constant Spring Road,

Kingston 10, Market Place.

Tel: 631-8038


SOURCE: JamaicaObserver


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