Nov 6, 2009

Xtras Manager Murdered on Waterloo Avenue

Sandy Supersad, the manager of Xtras, the popular clothing and accessories store in the Mall Plaza in Half-Way Tree, St Andrew, was last night gunned down as she drove into her apartment complex on Waterloo Avenue.

Witness accounts said she was attacked by two gunmen shortly after 8 p.m. as she drove her Suzuki SUV through the electronic gates of the Waterloo Lawn Apartments. The gunmen then spedaway on a powerful motorcycle down Waterloo Avenue and on to Surbiton Road.

THE STAR was told that the gunmen were seen by several persons loitering near the apartments about 10 minutes before the murder was committed. One of the gunmen was dressed in a white shirt and dark pants while the other was wearing full black, witnesses said.One of them was carrying a gun tucked into the back of his waist. The actions of the gunmen aroused suspicions but no one called the police or raised an alarm of any kind.

The men waited until Super sad drove through the entrance and until the gate was almost closed before forcing their way through to carry out their brutal task. Super sad was reportedly shot three times at close range in what witnesses believe to be a hit. They say nothing was taken from the store manager as she sat mortally wounded in the SUV that was used to rush her to hospital. Her BlackBerry cellphone was on her lap and her purse was nearby.

Persons living nearby said they heard the shots and then the roar of the motorcycle as the gunmen fled. One person said that it sounded like police were chasing gunmen on a bike. Another resident of Waterloo Avenue said while police processed the scene, two men rode upon a motorcycle similar to the one the gunmen were riding earlier but rode away shortly after.

So far more than 1300 murders have been committed on the island since the start of the year.

SOURCE: Jamaica Star


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