Dec 10, 2009

Dancer Ding Dong added Shaggy Dare to Care 2010 edition

Even though he has one of the most instantly recognised and popular hits of the year (Holiday with Chevaughn Clayton), has performed in many countries (including Japan and Brazil), and is now set to show his stuff on the upcoming Shaggy Dare to Care 2010 edition, come January 2, Ding Dong still insists on billing himself as "a dancer".

"Is dancin' bring me to the point where people round the world know me," said the founder of the Ravers Clavers crew, now some 18 members strong. "An' no matter what else me do, dancin' nah stop Me dance every night."

Which must make for a very hectic schedule as that 'what else' has grown to embrace not only recording artiste, but also producer (his most recent riddim project is the Giants) and entertainment mogul. His Nannyville Enterrprise has been signing and developing new talent at an expansive clip, and Ding Dong now seems to be on the crest of a surge greater than that of the Iraq War.

But the "dancer" is nothing if not focused, and humble. Of his call-up for the upcoming Dare to Care show he says, "it's a tremendous, big opportunity for me, seeing as many of the people on this bill is people who influence me, so I now have the opportunity to be an influencer".

Beyond the bright lights, Ding Dong sees his presence on the bill as a contribution to the cause. Specifically, he believes he can attract a younger audience not only to the show, but more importantly to the cause of giving. "Its not a matter of a lot of money, but you give what you have, cause this is something that benefit everybody, so me in my position can get the young people to understand that them can play a part too."

And his influence grows, what with the success of Holiday and the hot dance of the moment, Skip To My Lu, otherwise Summer Swing ("people keep askin' me if is two different dance, but is really the same thing"). His touring schedule looks even more hectic for the end of this year and into 2010, and he's already followed up Holiday with the new single and video Responsible Parents.

"My song, me just take them from life and things that me consider." he explains. "We keep away from all war and negativity. My children mus' able to listen to my tune and my mother mus' can listen to it too."

SOURCE: Jamaicaobserver


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